Attorney Matthew G. Kaestner

Long Beach's Criminal Law Specialist

Criminal law specialist, attorney Matthew Kaestner, has been winning serious drug cases at the Los Angeles Criminal Courts Building (Foltz Justice Center) for over 30 years. Criminal law specialist Kaestner is one of only 66 attorneys in Los Angeles County who are state bar certified criminal law specialists. (Data as of April 1, 2017) Mr. Kaestner will personally handle every aspect of each case he takes. You can call him now at (562) 437-0200.

Attorney Kaestner has a history of successful results for clients charged with serious drug cases in the Los Angeles central courthouse that include not guilty verdicts, suppressed evidence and other outright dismissals.

In 2017, appearing in Los Angeles, criminal attorney Kaestner was able to have 19 rocks of cocaine seized from a client’s underwear suppressed as the result of an illegal search. Criminal specialist Kaestner had done the same for this same client 5 years earlier. In 2012, attorney Kaestner successfully sought suppression of a gun and narcotics found in this client’s home, despite a written consent to search. She has now walked out of the L.A. courthouse a free woman on two felony cases. (People v. Erica A., Case No. BA446964 and BA388851.)

In April of 2013, attorney Kaestner presented his lecture “How to Handle a Wiretap Case” to other criminal lawyers at the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s ICDA Spring seminar. Attorney Kaestner has successfully represented clients charged with high publicity multi-kilo drug transactions involving wiretap evidence as well as those charged with simpler drug cases in the Los Angeles central courthouse.

He has been nationally recognized for having a murder conviction set aside and is listed on the National Registry of Exonerations. (People v. Juan Herrera.)(Read more.)

Los Angeles drug/narcotics attorney Kaestner also regularly handles cases involving the simple possession of narcotics as well as cases involving the cultivation, possession and sales of medical marijuana.

Whether you are charged in Los Angeles with a multi-kilo drug transaction with media attention or a simpler matter that requires quick and discreet action, criminal law specialist, attorney Matthew Kaestner has the experience to handle you case in the Los Angeles Central Court. He can arrange for an immediate consult at his office and/or court appearance. He will take your call personally and answer your questions at (562) 437-0200.