Attorney Matthew G. Kaestner

Long Beach's Criminal Law Specialist

State Bar of California, board certified criminal law specialist, attorney Matthew Kaestner, has been handling murder/homicide cases in Los Angeles for over 25 years. His victories at the Los Angeles Foltz Justice Center (formerly Los Angeles criminal court's building) on murder cases include not guilty verdicts at trial, convictions of lesser charges, plea bargains for single digit sentences, hung juries, and outright dismissals.

On March 17, 2015, attorney Kaestner received a complete acquittal at trial for his client charged with murder and attempted murder with gang enhancements at the Foltz Justice Center. Judge Robert Perry found on the record that the D.A.’s star witnesses had been “completely destroyed” after attorney Kaestner’s cross examination. (People v. Rafael C., Case No. BA417858-04.)

Attorney Kaestner's work on one Los Angeles county murder case brought him national recognition. He is recognized on the National Registry of exonerations for obtaining freedom for Juan Herrera, who was wrongfully convicted of murder. (Go to National Registry of Exonerations.)

Attorney Kaestner's expertise defending clients charged with murder includes extensive expertise handling murder cases that involve self defense, gang allegations, and special circumstances. Mr. Kaestner has also handled an equal number of attempted murder charges in Los Angeles.

Attorney Kaestner's qualifications include achieving recognition by the State Bar as a criminal law specialist. After handling criminal cases for 15 years, Mr. Kaestner obtained certification in 1999. He is one of only 337 certified criminal law specialists in the State of California. Only one in every 700 California lawyers are certified specialists in criminal law.

One Los Angeles client offered the following testimonial: “I was being charged with murder… I was looking at life... He dug up so much information to show that I was innocent and that I was being framed by the Prosecutor’s witness, that Mr. Kaestner got me a misdemeanor and time served on the day of the trial.” (Javier “Tattoo” Robles, Long Beach, CA)

Experience, expertise, hard work, and dedication are the key attributes to look for in a criminal lawyer to handle a murder/homicide case in Los Angeles or any court. Criminal law specialist, attorney Matthew Kaestner, brings those attributes to every murder/homicide case he handles in Los Angeles and surrounding courts.

If you need immediate assistance and advice on a murder case, you can contact attorney Kaestner directly at (562) 437-0200. He personally handles every case he takes from arraignment through trial. Call now for a consultation with Mr. Kaestner at his office.