Only one in every 700 California lawyers is Certified by the State Bar as a Criminal Law Specialist.

Welcome to the Law Office of Matthew G. Kaestner.

Long Beach criminal law specialist, attorney Matthew Kaestner, is certified by the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California as a criminal law specialist. The practice is dedicated solely to the defense of criminal cases. There are only 5 criminal law specialists with offices in Long Beach, only 52 in all of Los Angeles County. (Data as of May 2024)

Attorney Kaestner has fought criminal cases for over 35 years. His vast experience includes successfully defending clients charged with virtually every type of criminal charge from capital murder to white collar and major drug crimes to serious misdemeanors. Mr. Kaestner has handled high publicity cases as well as those where privacy and discretion are the paramount concerns of the client.

For immediate assistance and advice, call attorney Matthew Kaestner directly at (562) 437-0200. Mr. Kaestner personally handles each client's case from arraignment through trial. Attorney Kaestner is a criminal defense attorney in Long Beach with instant credibility and a reputation as an expert in criminal law.


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Long Beach criminal defense lawyer, attorney Matthew Kaestner, is a board certified criminal law specialist. He has over 35 years of experience aggressively fighting criminal cases. From his office in Long Beach, Mr. Kaestner practices in Los Angeles County and surrounding Courts. He is expert in the defense of cases charging: murder, attempted murder, robbery, assault, domestic violence, three strikes, white collar crime, conspiracy, gang cases, manufacturing and distribution of drugs, fraud, embezzlement, identity theft, drunk driving (DUI), and others. He has vast expertise fighting search warrants and wiretaps. When you need an expert criminal lawyer in Long Beach, call attorney Kaestner.

Attorney Matthew G. Kaestner

Long Beach's Criminal Law Specialist