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The crime of robbery is considered both a “serious” and a “violent” felony in California. A first offense “strong arm” (weaponless) robbery can carry up to five years in prison at 85%. If a firearm is used, Los Angeles and Orange County prosecutors are known to offer 12 years to settle the case.

For a robbery charge in Long beach or surrounding courts, it is crucial to find the best Long Beach criminal attorney you can find. Board certified specialist in criminal law, Matthew Kaestner, has over 30 years experience handling robbery and other serious felony cases. Mr. Kaestner’s work has been recognized on both the local and national level. He can be consulted directly at 562-437-0200.

Robbery, in simple terms, is defined as the taking of property directly from another person by the use of force or fear. Robbery can also occur when force or fear is used to retain property stolen without force. This second type of robbery, known as Estes robbery oftentimes occurs when a shoplifter fights store security to retain stolen property.

Robbery has two degrees. First degree or “residential robbery” is a robbery that occurs in a residence such as a house, apartment, or other living quarters. It carries a 6 year maximum sentence plus any time that can be added for a gun, weapon, or gang enhancement. All other types of robbery are of the second degree.

The 5 year maximum sentence for second degree robbery and the 6 year maximum sentence for first degree robbery can be enhanced or increased based upon other circumstances. If a non-firearm weapon is used, 1 year can be added to the maximum. If a gun is pointed or brandished, 10 years can be added. If the gun is discharged during the robbery, 20 years can be added. And if the gun is discharged causing great bodily injury, 25 years to life can be added.

If no gun is used but a victim suffers great bodily injury, 3 years can be added. If the crime was committed in association with or to benefit a criminal street gang, ten years can be added.

The crime of robbery can also be the basis of a felony-murder charge if someone is killed during the robbery or while the property is taken from the robbery scene to a place of temporary safety. Thus, even an accidental killing while escaping from a robbery scene can be the basis for a murder charge.

While the crime of robbery is a very serious charge, expert representation is critical to mounting your best defense. Long Beach criminal lawyer, Matthew Kaestner, has been a California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization certified specialist in criminal law since 1999. He brings over 30 years of criminal law experience to the aggressive defense of every case he takes. Attorney Kaestner can be reached directly at (562) 437-0200. He will personally take your call for an immediate consultation.