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Long Beach's Criminal Law Specialist


Q: When will they go to Court and what will happen at the fist Court Appearance?

A: The law in California requires persons arrested be brought to Court within 48 hours of arrest excluding weekends and holidays. (see California Penal Code section 825). This first Court appearance is called an arraignment. At the arraignment the charges are formally stated, police reports provided to counsel, and bail is set. Questions about the Court process at the arraignment and thereafter can be answered by calling Long Beach Criminal Law Specialist Matthew Kaestner at (562) 437-0200.

Q: Where is my loved one being held?

A: 1) Immediately after a Long Beach Police Department arrest call the Long
Beach P.D. at: (562) 570-7260.

2) After an initial arraignment, persons not released go to L.A. County Jail.
For L.A. County Jail inmate information go to and click on
inmate information. Or call 1-877-VINE-4-LA and follow the prompts.

3) In Orange County go to and click on “E-services”. Or call
(714) 647-4666.


Q: How can I get my loved one out of jail?

A: Depending on the arrestee's charges and any priors, a release can be by way of an OR (own recognizance) release—without posting bail, or by posting bail.

Contact Long Beach Criminal Law Lawyer Matthew Kaestner for expert advice and strategies that can be used to obtain an OR release or lowered bail.

Bail can be posted with cash, or with a credit card. A bail bond can be posted using a licensed bail bondsman who will charge an 8% or 10% fee. A property bond can also be used to obtain a release.

For information / assistance regarding an OR release, property bond, or bail, call the Law Office of Long Beach's Criminal Law Specialist Matthew Kaestner at (562) 437-0200.

Q: How and When can I visit my loved one while he/she is in jail?

A: First, determine where your loved one is being housed. For recent arrestees, call the police department that made the arrest. For person's in county jail, determine what facility they are in as above and then call for visiting hours to:

1) All facilities (213) 473-6100

2) Twin Towers: (213) 893-5163

3) Central Jail (213) 974-4924

4) Wayside: NCCF (661) 295-7810

East (661) 257-8815

North (661) 295-6619

South (661) 257-8853

In Orange County (all facilities) call (714) 647-4666

**Always remember that all contact with persons in jail can and will be monitored and recorded.