Attorney Matthew G. Kaestner

Long Beach's Criminal Law Specialist

Criminal law specialist, attorney Matthew Kaestner, has been winning serious cases at the Los Angeles Foltz Justice Center (formerly “Criminal Courts Building”) for 25 years. Attorney Kaestner is one of only 65 state bar certified criminal law specialists with offices in all of Los Angeles County. (Data as of June 1, 2017) He will personally handle every aspect of each case he takes. He can be reached directly at (562) 437-0200.

Attorney Kaestner has a history of trial victories in Los Angeles central courthouse that include not guilty verdicts on virtually every type of serious felony case including: Murder, attempted murder, three strikes charges, drug trafficking charges, gang cases, and others. As recently as March of 2014, attorney Kaestner forced the government to a third trial on charges of strangulation murder that occurred in a two man cell in county jail. After two hung juries, the third trial resulted in a conviction of only manslaughter and not guilty verdicts on first and second degree murder.

Attorney Kaestner is recognized as an expert in criminal law and handles only criminal law cases. In April of 2013, he lectured criminal lawyers at the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s ICDA Spring seminar on how to handle a wiretap case. He has been handling murder cases successfully since 1990. He has been nationally recognized for having a murder conviction set aside and is listed on the National Registry of Exonerations (People v. Juan Herrera.) He was one of the first lawyers to have a conviction set aside because of crooked cops during the Rampart scandal of the late 90's.

Los Angeles criminal lawyer Matthew Kaestner has successfully defended clients charged with multi-kilo drug conspiracies, white collar crime, fraud, conspiracy, assault and other violent crimes in Los Angeles Court.

Whether your case calls for expert trial defense or is a matter where discretion and privacy are the key concerns, attorney Kaestner specializes in working tirelessly to obtain the best possible result on every criminal case he fights.

Attorney Kaestner will personally handle your case from start to finish. He can schedule immediate appointments at his office conveniently located just off of the Long Beach freeway. If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with a criminal case in Los Angeles, criminal attorney, Matthew Kaestner is the criminal law specialist to call first. You can reach him directly at 562-437-0200.